Property and facility
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Cleaning, maintenance and support solutions for property and facility managers.


Transform a Buildings Exterior with our Specialised Facade Cleaning Services

Discolouration and staining on a building’s exterior, often caused by algae and mold contamination can give it an unsightly and tired appearance. 

At Softwash Exterior Cleaning, we specialise in cleaning and treating these contaminants on various building materials including renders, brick and stone while preserving the building’s integrity.

Softwash Exterior Cleaning work closely with property and facility management companies to help restore and maintain the appearance of their buildings facade with the aim of minimal disruption to its occupants.

From initial consultations to the fully managed cleaning of buildings such as Apartment complexes, Hotels and more, we provide clients with quality results and maintenance options. Visit our Projects page and Gallery for more samples. 

C. O'C. - Killashee Hotel

I’ve used Softwash in Killashee Hotel for a number of cleaning services including the façade of our Original House dated 1861, the entire leisure centre and spa exterior, roofs and general areas. I’ve found them to be very professional, good to work with, highly reliable and they understand the challenges of working in a live hotel environment and worked exceptionally well with our requirements. They quality of their work is exceptional and we intend to continue building on our relationship and working with Softwash annually.

M. C. - Kildare Village outlet

Andrew and Jonathan have worked with us here at Kildare Village outlet for a number of years now both cleaning and maintaining our roofs among other things. Their professionalism, relations and workmanship are of a very high standard, something we look for in all our contractors here. I would not hesitate to recommend their works to others and hope to continue doing business with them for many more years to come.

Roof And

Maintaining roofs and gutters for optimum performance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) of roofs and guttering should be an important consideration for both residential and commercial property owners.

A building’s roof is one of its biggest assets, protecting its contents and occupants from all that our Irish climate brings. It should therefore be well looked after and maintained. Having a PPM in place is the best way to do that. Maintenance of any type of roof is a good idea but none more so then on flat or low pitched roofs where debris blocking outlets can quickly become an easily prevented issue.

Softwash Exterior Cleaning is a sister company of HD Roofing & Support Services and have been providing peace of mind to property and facility managers in Ireland since our establishment in 2011.

What is a PPM and what does it include?


A PPM for a roof and all its features generally includes the following:

  • Cleaning and clearing of roof surfaces, guttering and outlets.
    A visual inspection of the entire roof.
  • Minor repairs carried out.
  • Follow up report and photos sent to client.

A few reasons why having a PPM in place is a good investment include:


1. Saves money on large scale repairs.
All too often an out of sight out of mind approach is taken when it comes to a property’s roof. Spotting issues early and addressing them can save you from far greater issues and expense down the line. Insurance accessors will often quote a lack of maintenance as the reasoning behind not paying out on damage claims arising from a failing roof.


2. Minimal disruption to your business
Our operatives can access most roof surfaces safely from our own MEWP and will often not even require access to the premises in order to carry out roof maintenance works. Where this is not a possibility however, we tailor our hours of operation to suit our clients needs.


3. Peace of mind
With a regular PPM schedule in place you simply don’t need to worry about that aspect of the building and instead focus your attention on the all the other stresses that come with everyday property ownership and management. Everything from cleaning to repair work is taken care of and a follow up report will be sent to help with any health and safety or insurance obligations that you have.



**As well was these cleaning and maintenance options we also assist clients with access solutions for other contractors. Our 23m truck mounted MEWP is available with a driver and can provide fully insured safe access for painters, electricians, signage or inspection works. Call or email for more info.

Grounds and Leisure Facilities

Cleaning and treatment solutions for all types of ground surfaces.

Over time ground surfaces and leisure facilities can begin to look tired without proper maintenance. Moss and algae growth will make surfaces slippy and unsafe, left untreated they will gradually deteriorate some surfaces beyond minor repair.



At Softwash Exterior Cleaning we believe ground surfaces require a similar level of care to that of roofs or other delicate surfaces and prefer to always take the more gentle approach when it comes to cleaning them. All too often surfaces are irreversibly damaged due to the wrongful use of high pressure cleaning equipment.



Using specialised cleaning systems and products we can clean and treat almost all exterior ground and sports surfaces without risk of damage. Keeping the surfaces clean and free from moss, algae and other contaminants and fit for their intended use.


Some surfaces include:

  • Paved walkways
  • Patios and courtyards
  • Carparks
  • Running tracks
  • Artificial tennis courts
  • and more…