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Low pressure treatment of Moss, Algae & Lichens from all types of roofs including concrete tiles, natural and man-made slate.

Over time roofs become colonised by Moss, Algae and Lichens. Other than just being unsightly, these contaminants can lead to issues such as leaks and premature ageing of the roof’s materials. 


Moss can build up in valleys, behind chimneys, and in the joints of slates or tiles, acting like a dam during heavy downpours and causing leaks and dampness internally. 


Gutters and downpipes fill and block easily due to moss constantly falling or being picked at by birds. If you are here reading this then I’m sure you know all about the constant sweeping of drives, paving and patios, especially during the summer months!  

The First Rule of Roof Maintenance:

Keep the roof clean and free from debris so water can drain quickly and surfaces dry faster. Our soft wash approach to cleaning all types of roof materials can be described in four easy steps.

The Cleansing process:

  • The treatment begins to work immediately with the initial phase of breaking down the biofilm occurring within the first 30 minutes.
  • A period of weathering then does the rest.. The speed of cleansing is by and large in relation to the site exposure and to a degree the type of contaminant present.
  • Moss remnants will decay quickly and disperse. White and yellow Lichen will also die in a short period and begin to detach.
  • Lichen need dry and wet weather cycles to break the bond with the tiles and will gradually fall within a few months.
  • Black metabolites are water soluble and begin receding at first rain. The dark discolouration can take a few months to disappear and reveal the true/intended appearance of the roof finishes.    


The cleaning solution has no deleterious effect on any building material, including metals.

The spraying technique is well controlled and our applicators trained to work with minimal disruption to the occupier.

Works are done using safe working at heights practice and where necessary from our own hoist

**As well was these cleaning and maintenance options we also assist clients with access solutions for other contractors. Our 23m truck mounted MEWP is available with a driver and can provide fully insured safe access for painters, electricians, signage or inspection works. Call or email for more info.


S. H. - Clonee, Co. Meath.

We were delighted with the job done on our roof, walls and patio. We'd a longstanding issue with moss falling from the roof and onto the grounds below. Andrew and his colleagues dealt with this very professionally and made our old granite look like new. Highly recommend.

R.L. - Lucan, Dublin.

Absolutely thrilled with these guys service. After spending a lot of hours cleaning and treating our roof, they had the place spotless after the job. They returned to my patio and cobble front, they're like brand new! I can't recommend them highly enough.. Thanks guys.


Treatment of Algae and other biological contamination on a buildings external envelope.

Discolouration and staining of a buildings exterior is often caused by Algae and Mould contamination, which left to spread will give the building a tired and dirty appearance. Softwash Exterior Cleaning specialise in the cleaning and treatment of such contaminants on all forms of building materials including Renders, Stone, Pebble dashing, Concrete, Wood and more… Each job is carefully surveyed and the right approach and cleaning technique is chosen after factors such as location, accessibility, material and contamination types have all been taken into consideration. All of our exterior cleaning techniques have one common goal: To deep clean and treat without any risk of damage to the substrate.

When a building's disfiguration is caused by inappropriate design details or dysfunctional components, its sensible to try and address them. Insufficient overhangs on sills and copings are common and easily rectified. Leaking gutters or overflowing downpipes will also contribute to a building fast becoming a breeding ground for Algae, Mould and other organisms. We will give you any appropriate recommendations we can during your initial consultation.

More times then not, a good deep cleaning of exterior surfaces such as coloured silicon renders, will sufficiently restore its appearance without the need for costly paint works. Where painting is a chosen requirement, our treatments ensure paints have the perfect canvas at which to adhere.

Our portfolio of building cleaning includes a host of private residential properties, Apartment complexes, Schools, Hotels, Golf clubs and other business premises.


Cleaning & maintenance of exterior ground surfaces

Softwash Exterior Cleaning can assist you in the improvement and maintenance of your property’s exterior surrounds. 


Knowing the most appropriate approach to cleaning each surface will mean longer lasting results with less risk of damage to the material.
Although pressure washing still holds a place in the cleaning industry its over use on some surfaces like concrete and stone can make these surfaces more porous overtime and therefore more susceptible to moss and algae growth. 

We can provide businesses and homeowners with tailored maintenance plans or one-off deep cleaning of surfaces including:

Periodic maintenance of grounds ensures surfaces remain clean and fresh, free from slippy Moss or Algae and staining caused by littering or accidental spillages. 

Things like oil and paints require combinations of specialised removal products and knowledge of the substrate to ensure successful removal without damage to the surface.
Our steam cleaning system makes light work of chewing gum or stubborn adhesives, assists in the removal of graffiti and sanitises surfaces spoiled by animal vermin or other harmful bacterias.